Inertia Driven® System technology helps create the lightning-fast handling and superior performance of a Berika® semi-automatic shotgun. It’s the reason many discerning wingshooters reach for Berika® shotguns. The Inertia Driven® System harnesses the law of inertia to power the world’s fastest, simplest, and most reliable semi-auto shotguns.
Reliable – The Inertia Driven® System never needs adjusting. It will cycle anything from light field loads to 3-1/2-inch magnums with consistent reliability, year after year.
Simple – The system has only 3 primary parts: the bolt body, the inertia spring, and the rotating bolt head.
Fast – With very few parts, the Inertia Driven® System is fast.
Clean – Gas, smoke, and burnt powder stay in the barrel where they belong, instead of being channeled into the gun’s mechanism as they are in gas systems.
Strong – Strong steel locking lugs on the rotating bolt head of the Inertia Driven® System lock steel to steel inside the gun barrel. The lugs lock even more tightly during firing.
Low-Maintenance – Gun cleaning takes a fraction of the time, since the system is cleaner.
Lightweight – The Inertia Driven® System is incredibly lightweight. Shotguns with the system can be some of the lightest ever produced.
Perfect Balance – With no springs, action bar linkage, or heavy gas cylinders under the fore-end, Inertia Driven® shotguns balance as a fine game gun should.

  • Category SEMI AUTO
  • Gague 12
  • Chamber 76/3"
  • Barrel Lenght 26"/28"/30"
  • Engraving Carbon Fiber or Camouflage Covering
  • Receiver Finish T-6 Aluminum
  • Stock Type Synthetic fixed or adjustable
  • Butt Plate AnSoft PlateAnti Shock Recoil Pad or Folding Stock
  • Average Weight 3.354gr