Designed from the ground up to meet Australian shooters’ demands, these shotguns allow for faster follow up shots, and their increased capacity goes well beyond that of a standard over and under. Further, the Berika® straight pull is an excellent quality gun at a very affordable price. Its straight pull design allows you to simply pull the bolt handle backwards for fast ejection of spent shells, quick reloading from the vertical & tube magazine, and re-cocking of the firing pin. Once you let go of the bolt handle, it feeds the next round into the chamber ready to be fired with ambidextrous bolt handle.

  • Category STRAIGHT PULL
  • Gague 12
  • Chamber 76/3"
  • Barrel Lenght 26"/28"/30"
  • Engraving Carbon Fiber or Camouflage Covering
  • Receiver Finish T-6 Aluminum
  • Stock Type Synthetic fixed or adjustable
  • Butt Plate AnSoft PlateAnti Shock Recoil Pad or Folding Stock
  • Average Weight 3.684gr