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For many years, BERIKA® has been associated with in the gun industry. After the word with modern technology, we’re permanently improving ourself for the new generation firearms. At the end you have a product of true value and affordable quality.

You have a BERIKA®.
We at BERIKA® thank you for the privilege of delivering a product to you that will provide you with years of pleasurable use. Happy shooting and Enjoy your BERIKA® brand.

Our Mission

Our mision is in line with all the commercial, ethical, legal rules and respect the rules completely fulfilling; customers, employees and relationships in the all segments contributing to continually grow as a dynamic organization to be for this. Total Quality Management philosophy and continuous improvement concept principle excellent journey to the save a permanent distance.

Our Vision

In the sector, both domestic and overseas market with quality products, timely delivery, customer satisfaction has adopted its own personnel policy for constant improvement and self-organization and leaders to focus examples.

Quality Policy

BERIKA® ARMS’s productions have certifications of TSE ( Turkish Standart Institue ) Certifications as name of TS 870. All Berika® Productions is passing tests with 1200 BAR ( 17404.56PSI ) Cartridges which produced by Industry and Science Ministry of Turkey. Berika® Quality Control Staff must consider these Cartridge pressures while they are making Quality Performance tests, estetic & tecnical and shots’ distrubution on air.

Firing Tests
Technical Details

  • All shotguns are tested with high pressure testing cartridges and game shooting cartridges.
  • All shotguns are tested with 1400kg/cm2 cartridges.
  • Semi automatics operate properly with cartridges of between 28 light and 52 grams magnum cartridges.
  • The models with adjustable chokes are suitable for firing steel shots.
  • All models are subject to target accuracy tests at specific intervals.
  • Barrels, receivers and internal parts are made of high quality steel.
  • Barrels are machined from 4.140 steel blocks, inside is plated with hard white chrome, outside with black chrome.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the mechanical workings of your firearm.
  • Please read the owner's manual before using a new gun for the first time.

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